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We may be obsessed with porridge, but pulitzer-prized Jonathan Gold writes about it like no one can. If you haven't read the review, it's a good place to start.


PORRIDGE you ask.

Be it juk, cháo, grød, congee, okayu, atole, grits, lugaw, risotto, grits, groats or gruel,
the mixture of grain and liquid holds a dear place in every culture, every cuisine, every family.

Inspired and sourced from the Hollywood Farmers Market (our partner, our connection to local fields), our California-grown heirloom grains are cooked to a risotto-like consistency with nuanced creaminess. Each dish is thoughtfully composed for taste and texture, satisfying cravings from simple to complex, eliciting familiarity and surprise.

As in some traditions, our porridge is served with puffs. Made with local Koda Farms' mochiko rice flour, the mochi-beignet puffs can eaten naked with porridge or dipped into various house-made concoctions.

To round out your meal and showcase farmers' produce, we have a daily-changing section titled called "Plants."

Thu - Sat // 5:30-10pm
Blotter Hours: 5-7pm Friday // When you line your tummy with free puffs before (or after) drinking


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