FIELD TRIP ending its residency at THE FARMERS KITCHEN
means BOLD adventures ahead...
Our residency was always meant to be one year. In that time,
we have garnered much support and built a community, for whom it hard to leave.

We would like to thank our partners SEE-LA (Sustainable Economic Enterprises, LA), for opening your home at THE FARMERS KITCHEN. We are so honored to have taken this journey with you and forever be grateful
for this partnership and the ones we’ve forged with
the Hollywood Farmers Market. A special thank you to James Haydu, the Executive Director SEE-LA, for making this last year happen. And, to Elizabeth, Julie, and all of the Hollywood Farmers Market Team for making this last year really special. And our farmers...the list would be a tome. We love you all and appreciate the love and joy you've brought us.
SEE-LA's note here.

Thank you Team Field Trip! Thank you Sarah "Bearclaw" Lange for filling our bellies with her delicious pastries every Sunday and making the signature potato buns and english muffins that go with our signature dishes. Thank you Kitchen Manager Amy who took care of us in every way. Thank you our FOH team who rose to the occasion. Thank you Ellen for making our early Sundays manageable (she moves fast). Thank you Elando and Seth, who without them would be no porridge, as we know it today. Elando will move on to be our General Manager with Seth by his side. Thank you to our kitchen team including Reese and James, who have made many impossibles possible.

Thank you friends and community! We look forward to continuing this delicious journey with you.

Thank you LA Times Food Critic Jonathan Gold
for packing our house, changing our name and the course of our future.
We were always one restaurant, one team called FIELD TRIP at the farmers kitchen,
the latter part of the name being the name of the space created and owned by our partners, SEE-LA.

Last November (2014), we started serving porridge + puffs at night, for which Jonathan Gold referred to. The day after the review came out, our phone rang and rang, as people hung up when we answered "Field Trip." They were looking for porridge + puffs. We immediately had to change our phone greeting and subsequently re-branded ourselves. Thank you universe (and friends in that universe) and Mr. Gold for that path.

Which lead us to our final announcement:
FIELD TRIP has come to a close, and we will be continuing our field trip with
porridge + puffs

pop-ups, traveling and guest-cheffing, while we build our new home...