• What are we eating?

There will be a meat and vegan option for porridge and other bites to round out the meal. We will have different porridges each week, either a classic one or one we're playing with. Come to all 4 dates and eat something different each time. Added bonus, look out for a cameo from our friends at Proof Bakery.

• Reservations?

None. #PorridgeForThePeople

• Optional Beverages? 

As much as we love making fun beverages (referencing our past), we're keeping it simple and focusing on the porridge. We'll have some iced tea, so bring anything else you want to drink. Silverlake Wine is across the street. Lou Wine a mere 2.5 miles away.

• Is this at a restaurant? Parking?

No, it will be at the commissary we share with Proof Bakery. One of the purposes of this pop-up is to open our commissary so you can see where the magic happens for both Proof's and Porridge + Puffs' catering operations. NOTE: this location is DIFFERENT than Proof Bakery's storefront in Atwater. Don't go there. Go to 2388 Glendale Blvd 90038. Parking is free, in the same lot as Gingergrass and Silverlake Coffee (which we're next to. Look for the steps.)

• Catering, you do that?

We've been rather covert about it, but we have done a lot of catering. Now we want it easier for everyone to reach us and know about our capabilities. Check out porridge + puffs bar options or here for something refined and whimsical. 

First time hearing about us? Not sure about this porridge thing?

What others have said here. How about pictures? We hear Instagram talks about us.